Purchasing CBD on Amazon: Steer Clear Of Scams

Purchasing CBD on Amazon: Steer Clear Of Scams

  • Updated Oct 22, 2019 at 2:05pm

Adobe Stock girl searching for CBD on Amazon.

Are you able to purchase CBD on Amazon? Yes. Type of.

Nonetheless it’s tricky. You could find yourself hemp that is buying oil, which does not contain CBD, it is frequently labeled to appear enjoy it does.

Or you might purchase a container of CBD gummies labeled “1000 mg,” which in fact contains a secret level of CBD, which probably is not zero but definitely is not 1000.

This does not suggest you can’t purchase real CBD on Amazon. You definitely can. You simply need to do your research.

We contacted lots of businesses CBD that is selling on, and asked them for third-party lab results. (We won’t cover any CBD items without verifiable third-party effectiveness outcomes.)

to help you use our guide to find the best CBD on Amazon, and be assured you’re buying genuine CBD.

Many companies that are CBD conscientious and transparent. But with those CBD that is selling on, a number of our communications had been strange. Some promised to deliver lab results which never materialized. One criticized us for concentrating on CBD “at the expense” of other plant compounds. Continue Reading