Would you now : why is a woman a nymphomaniac?

Would you now : why is a woman a nymphomaniac?

Professor of females’s Wellness Psychology, Centre for Wellness Analysis, Western Sydney University

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A female masturbates, has erotic emotions towards many gents and ladies, and a desire that is“excessive intercourse. Is she a nymphomaniac?

Filmmaker Lars von Trier is reigniting debate on the niche along with his controversial brand new movie, Nymphomaniac.

The storyline of a self-diagnosed nymphomaniac whom recounts her erotic experiences, the film comprises of four hours of explicit sex. Promotion posters depict the nude A-list cast in orgasmic launch, ensuring debate just before its xmas Day release in Copenhagen.

This debate is detrimental to females.

Labelling a female with active intimate desires a nymphomaniac continues a tradition that is age-old of women’s sexuality – a tradition which should be discarded. Continue Reading