We inform you How Bringing your loved ones in Italy

We inform you How Bringing your loved ones in Italy


Travelling with household

You’ve got two choices so that you can get husband/wife and child/children under 14 years old remain in Italy you fulfil economic and housing requisites with you, provided your stay is of 1 year at least in case of family reunion (“ricongiungimento familiare”) and.

Both in full situations you must:

  • Show that your particular household earnings has reached minimum of euro 5.830,76/year + the 50 % of this amount/year for every single household user you are likely to invite;
  • Find private housing because the housing contract needs to be registered at Agenzia delle Entrate. The housing will need to have been declared suitable based on the neighborhood guidelines: 2 pers. Min45 1bedroom and sqm; 3 pers. Min 55 sqmt and 2 rooms; 4pers. Min 60 sqmt and 2 rooms). The measurements are meant as web flooring area.

CASE 1: allowing them to get together to you by having a tourist visa (then, once in Trento they apply for “family cohesion” if the Embassy allows) or with no visa if your country is waived and.

CASE 2: You coming first, then seeking the “nulla osta” (authorization, a few months are expected) and allowing them to arrive by having a grouped family members reunion visa.

Travelling along with your kid just

Either the Embassy issues a “familiari al seguito” visa, or he/she is sold with a tourist visa or without any visa in case your nation is waived as soon as in Trento you inscribe him/her on your own stay license. The program needs to be done through postoffice both for of you. Continue Reading